Full Video Forest Road Boda Boda Video Viral Woman Assaulted

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Kenyans used social media to express their anger after a video of a young woman being harassed by a group of Boda Boda drivers became viral.

In the latest development, 16 suspects were arrested and five motorcycles were confiscated in connection with a driver’s attack.

“The operation continues while collecting additional information from the public,” police say. “I’m sick and tired of the viral video clip of a female driver being harassed by Bodaboda along Wangari Maathai or Forest Road,” said Fred Matiangi of Inside CS.

We must protect the streets from such sneaky and vicious attacks.

Boda Boda Viral Video At Nairobi Incident Women Assaulted

‘I overseas the security guards, so that all perpetrators were called by this sneaky fact and were properly punished for their sneaky action’.

‘Solder young woman, I went to Silver’s Sawan car I was involved in an accident with one BODA BODA RIDER in WANGARI MAATHAI Street (formerly Waldstraße)’, induced.

One minute video is a lot of BODA BODA RIDER that supports the Silver Car as follows. The video starts with a man group followed by a group of one man collected by the driver’s door after a car. He screams, ‘Let’s get them..!!!!’

While you hit a car, two of them forced them to force the door of the driver’s seat, and others they Request to try to draw out.

Unconfired Women struggled with young men of wheels trying to dedicate them from car to annoying video. Her shirt dresses are torn and revealed her underwear.

Full Video Forest Road Boda Boda Video Viral Woman Assaulted
Full Video Forest Road Boda Boda Video Viral Woman Assaulted

Meanwhile, two men will continue and remove. Another fight to release her seat belt until you attack one car key and climbing the rapid men charged by the police officer.

Kenyans asked the colors of police, Hillary Matoyian Bai, criminal investigation director, George Kinni, and George Kinthi.

‘BODA BODA is the biggest threat to national security, terorolism or more’. Your negligence on the road leads to an accident leading to the loss of limbs and life.

Some of them are bands, robbery, mim, even murder members. ‘You have to be regulated before you get hill’, said Boniface Mwangi of the active home.

‘I just want the government’s Boda Guys want to tell about classes with these Rogers’, said Arap Tilingi.
‘This Frauda BODA BODA Industry must be made urgently’ I’m clear with the video of this forest road!

Boda Boda Forest Road Video Women Harassing

I hope for women’s justice and overall helping you need to be completely recovered from this traumatic experience. what a shame! Mac Otani also expressed his thoughts.

Standard LED Night Police Station, Park Landscape Police, Corresponds to Otimi. Officials at the
station stated that they had not received any reports of the incident at the time of writing this article.

‘According to OCS, the incident report was not submitted to the station’. ‘They may have chosen to see a doctor before filing a complaint’, speculated standard criminal reporter Camole Mina.

Other police sources told Standard that three suspects had been identified and an investigation was underway.

Later that day, state police blamed the case and tweeted that they had promised action. ‘Our attention was focused on a rebellious video circulating on social media showing that a Boda Boda driver is attacking a driver on suspicion of a car accident.

Messy gang was peeled off the Our Lady of her clothes’. The Cases are currently under consideration, since we identified some of the superheaters, we will be brought in front of the court court as soon as the survey is completed, and blog article is read, but the case for public indignation It may to take this’.

The Kenya of the Protection Association was accused of behavior and the problem requested that the appropriate authorities were examined.

Another video that was a virus in 2020 showed an unauthorized BODA BODA Rider attacked by ThikahauthuHLWEG after attacking a colleague.

Rough and angry Boda Boda drivers viral have been harassing and sometimes lynching drivers in recent years.

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