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In the UK, companies with more than 250 employees need to publicly share data on wage gaps between men and women within their organizations.

Data on wage gaps between men and women may reflect inequality in the work experience of men and women in the enterprise. It is often used as a barometer to measure gender equality within an organization.

The bot is the work of copywriter Francesca Lawson and software developer Ali Fensome from Manchester, England.

Lawson and Fensome used this publicly available data to identify UK companies and organizations tweeted with the International Women’s Day hashtag and create bots that retweet information about gender pay gap.

Many companies and organizations are aware that gender pay gap bots are broadcasting dirty laundry in public and have tweeted the original International Women’s Day so that it does not appear in the bot’s feed, It was deleted.

Twitter user Madeline Odent @oldenoughtosay has begun stalking an employer who deleted a tweet after being called by a bot. She said many of them reposted tweets using different variations of IWD hashtags.

‘I think it’s pretty timid to remove after viewing a tweet. Lawson saided in an email’, I’m confused by the wage gap and pretend it doesn’t exist, rather than admitting the problem and doing something.

Gender Pay Gap Bot Twitter @PayGapApp UK 2022
Gender Pay Gap Bot Twitter @PayGapApp UK 2022

Gender Pay Gap Uk 2022

It gives the impression that you want to. ‘Let’s take a closer look at the cause of the gap. I think this is a much more useful for the answer’.

Many of the original tweets use images and videos of smiling women working in British companies, the importance of women’s leadership and role models.

In contrast, retweets were done for very depressing reading. Most, but not all, Gender Pay Gap Bot tweets revealed that women’s hourly wages are up to 73% lower than men’s. It is a well-known fact that the technology industry in particular has long had gender and diversity issues.

According to a report released in October by, a non-profit organization specializing in women’s empowerment in computing, half of the women working in the tech industry feel like a youth club activity.

You may be able to find out why by looking at the tweets from the Gender Pay Gap Bot. “Women have made great strides, but the battle for equality and the elimination of sexism and prejudice continues,” cloud technology company NetApp tweeted Tuesday.

“Together, we can promote women’s equality. Meanwhile, Gender Pay Gap Bot retweets NetApp tweets that women working in the company pay an average of 37% less than men per hour.

This is just one example of many, but it shows the extent to which a company can present discrimination and prejudice as a problem for others to solve.

With that in mind, “break the prejudice.” Asking what an individual does for is just like the definition of blame.

“The gender pay gap on NetApp is primarily due to the fact that there are far more male employees in paid (sales) positions,” a NetApp spokeswoman said in a statement.

“We know there’s still work to be done and we’re actively focusing on gender balance. NetApp continues to take proactive steps to reposition salaries and require similar skills. We try to pay equal to male and female employees who engage in similar jobs. “

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