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Google Meet: Definition, Benefits and Features

The Google Meet quoted from the Wikipedia page is known as the Hangouts Meet. Google Meet or Hangouts Meet is a video communication service developed by Google itself.

This Google Meet application is one of two alternatives to Google Hangouts, the other is Google Chat. According toNews, Google abolished these Google Hangouts in October 2019 a few years ago.

Google Meet Features

  • Accompanying Chat.
  • Call Encryption between All Users.
  • Low Light Mode For Video.
  • Two-Way and Multi-Way Audio and Video Calls with resolutions up to 720p.
  • Noise Canceling or Noise Canceling Audio Filter.
  • Integration with Google Contacts and Google Calendar for Meeting Calls in one click.
  • Ability to join meetings via Android and iOS App or Web Browser.
  • Hosts can deny Login Users and delete them during a call.
  • Can share screens to present documents, spreadsheets, presentations, or others.

Benefits of Google Meet

Of course, the main advantage of Google Meet is that it’s intended to be easily accessible to people from different countries and users and employees who are exploring the world of business remotely.

Therefore, if you want to hold a meeting together at a place where participants join the meeting from a distance, you can use this Google Meet. And other benefits of Google Meet can be seen under my friends.

  • Closed captions generated by the presence of AI.
  • If you’re on a G Suite Enterprise plan, your user’s passwords are securely protected.
  • Have the ability to conduct online meetings or meetings using a dial-in number.
  • Can share screens to view documents, presentations, or spreadsheets.
  • Integrated with Google Calendar so you can make meeting calls in just one click.
  • Calls between all users are encrypted.


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