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A shark attack on a Sydney beach yesterday afternoon claimed the life of a man, an event so rare and random that it hadn’t happened in 60 years.

A phone was raised from a nearby cliff. Yes sure it was. This is a city beach, a blue-grey bay only a few metres from homes and backyards, playgrounds and parks.

And that phone captured one of the most heinous scenes imaginable to humans: a man being slaughtered by a colossal predator. In the present.

Nowadays, we film everything. This is what we do. We live our lives through the oblong view of our black mirrors, and it’s just the way things are, how we process, how we document, and how we mark our presence at a significant event.

The footage from that phone – let’s be clear, footage of a living, breathing person’s final horrifying moments, someone’s son, someone’s friend – was bound to end up online.

It would always be passed around, shared, and whispered about. Seeing things we can only imagine is a balm for our insatiable curiosity. What does the worst-case scenario appear to be?

Little Bay Beach Shark Attack Video And Pic On Twitter
Little Bay Beach Shark Attack Video And Pic On Twitter

But that video isn’t being traded covertly. It isn’t being discussed in hushed tones. Within hours of the man’s (unidentified at the time of writing, but no less human for it) death, that video was the “splash” of several major news sites.

“Splash” refers to the main event, the thing that people notice first, click on first, the hero of the hour.

And while it was accompanied by trite warnings like Graphic Content; Some (only some?) Viewers May Find This Video Disturbing, its blatant, base appeal was undeniable. Let’s be honest: the clicks will be fantastic, mate.

There is no doubt that this is a newsworthy event. There hasn’t been a fatal shark attack on Sydney’s beaches since 1963.

A great white shark of that size, scale, and power is not something that millions of Sydneysiders imagine coming across while swimming on a summer afternoon at a city beach.

Not children, not teenagers, and not even you. Not the man’s family, who were probably just wondering why their loved one hadn’t returned from the beach by the time the film was being viewed by thousands.

Not many of us who have swum in that particular stretch of ocean and the beaches that surround it on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis our entire lives.

There is no shame in having watched that video, as so many others have. It’s natural to want to see something extraordinary.

There’s a dark thrill in witnessing the manifestation of one of our deepest fears, and shark attacks occupy a particularly embedded primal space in our psyche.

However, there is some shame on the outlets that are currently playing that death as looped entertainment. They are enabling our most heinous impulses. They are supplying the beast with food. And they are changing people’s lives.

Until last year, I lived just a short distance from Sydney’s eastern beaches.

My children have grown up with the ocean literally as their playground. What a lucky, idyllic, and extraordinary privilege it is to be so close to such a natural wonder as the Pacific Ocean.

We’ve all spent countless hours swimming at Little Bay and Malabar. They aren’t the well-known, flashy beaches; rather, they are well-loved local treasures.

And only a few days ago, they became famous for being the setting for an unimaginable horror film, which is now being screened all over the world.

Sydney Shark Attack Video And Pic On Twitter

Sydney Shark Attack Video And Pic On Twitter During the last two years of lockdowns and lock-ins, salt-water therapy has saved many lives.

The closure of Sydney’s beaches during the first wave of COVID restrictions, as well as the placement of yellow tape between us and the ocean, was viewed as one of their cruelest blows.

And, of course, salt-water enthusiasts are aware that their treasure is shared with predators.

The fact that sharks are present in the water is a low-level hum for all of us. The level of your passion determines how loud you allow that hum to become.

Most days, the point-to-point swimmers have found a way to drown it out for the meditative pleasure of carving through the cool water.

For the surfers, their love of the waves has triumphed over their fear.

The Nippers, splashers, and bodysurfers – like my children and me – turn it down for those precious moments when they can submerge their heads in the cold, clear ocean and feel, if only for a moment, closer to something pure.

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