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My Civil Servant Life Reborn In The Strange World Novel

My Civil Servant Life Reborn In The Strange World Novel Full Chapter

He was on his way to buy some beer to celebrate his acceptance as a civil servant when he was suddenly isekai’d by truck-kun.

Reincarnated as Denburg Blade, the son of a legendary battle race chief, he caught demons at 8 years old and a dragon at 12 years old. Subjected to the spartan-style training of his muscular monster of a father, his daily life was inhuman.

“I must leave this place that is far from peaceful!”

Safety is the best! So, he chose to be a civil servant of the empire!

Can Denburg really become a civil servant and live the peaceful and stable life he wishes for?

My Civil Servant Life Reborn In The Strange World Novel Chapter 170

Bab 1 : The Submissive, the Saintess, and the Mysterious Thief

As day broke, the people from the adventurer’s guild headquarters,
including me, preparing to return to the capital. It’s thanks to the Director
The Glont Guild that disbanded the reservists summoned after
judged that the demon flood and the Great Demon tortoise subjugation had
end. If the reservists are disbanded, it’s only natural that the employees
country in this army back to work.

“But can we really disband the army like this?” asked Flam.

Demuir replied with a smile, “Because only the reserve troops
will be disbanded, there will be no problem. Only the capital’s defense unit,
The 2nd corps of the main army, which will return to the capital while the rest
will stay for now.”

Because the reservists were originally vigilante adventurers
itself, problems seem to be starting to emerge in many ways. Besides that,
it seems that something happened in the capital, because Guild Director Glont
seemed rushed.

Well, I’m not in a position to worry about other people. I want to
leave the Warrant as soon as possible, so it’s better for me if
they were getting ready to leave in a hurry.

Since most of the supplies were left behind, what should we do
simply handing over our work to the unit administration officer
main. So, preparations for our departure were completed in the morning.

“Den, what’s wrong? You don’t look all right,” asked Demuir anxiously,
arrange the documents to be submitted.

“No, I think I slept wrong for sleeping in a shelter that

In fact, last night, I used too much mana, and
my mana circuit is overloaded, so I suffer from a mana deficiency
suddenly. If I go back to my hometown, it will take some time
half a month to get better, but here, I can recover
quickly if I put the medicine in my body and rest
for two to three days.

Yeah, my whole body hurts because I live in the cold tent and
sleep in cramped shelters.”

Demuir nodded, seemingly convinced, and as if it had suddenly appeared
in his mind, he asked Flam, “Oh, come to think of it, I
didn’t see you two at the shelter. where are you going
go? For the first time in a while, Dano even saved
a place for everyone from base.”

When Demuir asked, I felt a stab but no
show it. “I went to the bathroom. It took a long time, and when
I’m back, the place is gone.”

Demuir smiled sincerely when I said nonsense. “Yes, yes, there is
many people even though the shelter is small. Flam, are you too
in the bathroom?”

“Uh, I mean… Yeah, I was in the bathroom.” Flam nodded awkwardly.

To describe Flam’s trembling voice or facial expression as a feeling,
it feels like a lie! Where did Flam go last night isn’t it
my business. Flam’s personality wouldn’t make him steal anything.

Come to think of it, 20 percent of the chips I released into the territory
demons are destroyed by demons and must be rebuilt or repaired.
Besides, it’s time to start mass-producing plans
dragon tooth warrior, and started researching the core of the golem
obtained from the ruins.

There are many places to put my money, but I don’t know what money is
what I have will last. Should I rob some dark funds
illegal from the nobles again? I have to check the corruption ledger
Count Druval.

“Ah! It’s over!” Demuir binds the document being transferred
together and rose from his seat, stretching.

“I’m done too.” Flam works in the combat ration sector,
so he doesn’t have much work to do. At least,
the amount of stock does not fluctuate like an arrow taken.

“How about you, Den?”

“I am done.” My head is not bad enough to spend
hours on this simple document.

Then, shall we hurry and move it and get on the carriage
to leave?” Demuir suggested.

Flam enthusiastically agreed, “That’s a good idea.”

“I want to hurry and leave this terrible place.”

It’s not good for my mental health to live in a place where I
might get caught. We rushed and transferred the documents before
to the train leaving for the Asterium. We will take the train directly from
Asterium to the capital city.

Glont clicked his tongue at Bloody, who was lying on the spot
sleep. “Aiing, tsk tsk. Why did you go and use the Dance of the

Instead of using a self-destruct technique, each capillary in
Bloody’s body has expanded, making it look like a bluish net
formed on the skin all over his body. If not for the tribal body
A powerful crow, its veins will explode instantly and become
spotty with bruising.

“Ahahaha, the blood just flows to my head.” Even though he
futile laugh, Bloody’s face was full of anxiety.

Even though so many years have passed, he still can’t get used to
the death of his subordinates, with whom he had been good friends for a long time.
In particular, it was worse for the Black Water Buffalo Knights because
the average death rate in battle is very low in comparison
with the other knight divisions.

“Well, we managed to defeat the Great Demon because of that.” Lying in
beside him, Dane Walker smiled and defended Bloody.

By the way, how come Orphina and William never came
see you even once? A small bunch,” Bloody grumbled.

Glont sighed, “William is being briefed on
damage to the entire army and is planning a move
future troops with other officers. Orphina… she’s on
fortress walls, nervous after fighting your brother’s son.”

Bloody didn’t understand what Glont was saying. “Brother’s son
my boy? Did Leisha cause an accident?”

“Not Leisha, the other one.”

“The other one… Then Gawain? If it’s Gawain, he goes back to hyung-nim,”
said Bloody, tilting his head.

Glont frowned, “You’re so boring. I was
talking about Denburg.”

“Why is Den suddenly…? Wait?! Is Den here?”

When Bloody was completely taken aback, Glont shook his head to
pathetic path. “The man who said he served the sun
is your nephew.”

“What! Really? No wonder he suddenly hit me on the back of my head.
I would understand if Mac or Lancelot hit me, but I was shocked.
Ha ha ha.”

Glont didn’t notice that Denburg had run away from the house and
just found out through this incident. Even though he didn’t attend
secret meeting, he couldn’t help but feel like he was missing out.

“Your nephew’s magic is quite impressive. Looks like he’s not in
madosa level.”

“Well, he who beat up and caught the dragon in the Forest of Olympus using

Dane Walker panicked when Bloody said that. “Is that possible?!”

Glont was also surprised. Looking at the magic he used to defeat
Great Demon, doesn’t seem impossible at all, which made it
more surprising.”

When Glont smiled secretly, Bloody shook his head. “You
have the same look when you draw in the Dragon Tribe, but
You have to give up because he is the next chief of the tribe. If you
handling this carelessly, it will be an all-out war
with our village.”

Glont laughed as if he had been persuaded by Bloody’s warning. Clear
that if there is an all-out war with the Crow Tribe, the Butterfly Tribe
and the Dragon Tribe will immediately stop their exchange with the empire.

“Ohhohoho, that’s too bad. He must be the talent needed to
empire. Well, even if I manage to persuade the Crow Tribe, it will
difficult with Orphina still gritting her teeth.”

More importantly, what did Den do to make Orphina
gritted his teeth?” Bloody asked.

Glont told the story when he heard it on question
Bloody. With the addition of Leisha’s testimony, she was even told that
Lupine, the notorious thief in the capital, was actually Denburg.

After hearing the story, Bloody burst out laughing. “Kuha!
Lupine! True to his fame in the village, he went and caused
big mess.”

Even though pain was throbbing all over his body, Bloody couldn’t
stop laughing.

Glont sighed once again at this look. “I am not kidding.
Lupine was suspected of being a heretic. It could lead to a feud between
temples and the Crow Tribe.”

It was something to be avoided from the imperial point of view,
who use the temple as their national religion.

It’s fine; he’s very shrewd. I’m pretty sure he knows his identity
as Lupine has been discovered, and he works under a different name
now,” said Bloody.

Well, that would be better. Of course, the best thing is that he came back
with his own two feet.”

“There’s no way that kid would have done that,” Bloody said with a grin.

Glont rose from his seat. “You two are patients, so
take your time to return to the capital. I have to go straight back to

“What, why so fast?”

As Bloody and Dane Walker stared at Glont in surprise, Glont replied
with a serious face, “I got an important message from Arcanta. The palace
robbed by the 12 Zodiacs.”

“What?! Is that even possible? Through that horrendous magic circle?”

“I know. I’m worried about Eranto, who is on guard at the palace.
I heard he got injured in the process of chasing them.”

“I see. He’s too hot-tempered. That’s the problem,” Bloody said.

Glont looked at him as if to say that he was a person who could
spoken to. “It’s more of a problem if you’re in
this condition!”

Bloody shook his hand at Glont’s shout, “Uh-uh, here it is
old temper.”

Glont coughed in vain at Bloody’s answer. “Hmm!”

Because he and Bloody spent their glory days leading
tough knights together, when they talk, they sometimes
talk like they did in the hard past.

Glont spoke softly with caution, “Orphina originally had to
stay and lead the main army. Now, because of you, he must
returned to the capital with the Red Dragon Knights and the 2nd Corps. is
do you think it makes sense for the battlefield? commander to return?”

Glont sighed one after another and continued his tirade. “Really,
aren’t you a little self-conscious? How could a commander who
lead troops lying in bed? Is it me or not
tell you that the commander must not fall to the end?”

“Eh… Um, sorry.”

He was looking for an opportunity to retire completely, but he felt the time
retirement is far away.

“Ehew, ohhohoho, what can you do after the water spills?
In any case, take good care of your bodies, you two.”

“I understand.”

“Good luck.”

Glont said goodbye and left the hospital.
Around noon, I watched the Warrant fortress walls move
further away from the train when we returned to the capital. Now, dragon
Orphina should slowly return to the Warrant as she had
I control. Orphina is now on the must-do list
I avoid. Of course, there was no chance to meet him when
perform routine duties as civil servants.

“Why, are you sad to leave? Do you like him already?” When I
seeing Warrant, one of my friends on the train, Rosellis, asked with
play around.

“No, I’m sick of military gear.”

Rosellis didn’t get on the military officer’s carriage, but Flam and I were in
Rosellis carriage for the commander. Different from the carriage that was ridden
officer, this carriage is spacious and has a soft seat, so I
love it. As expected, have good support in this regard.

Ahahaha, but when we go back, we will close around two till
three days, so you don’t have to go straight to work. So take a break

“Oh, really?” Flam asked happily.

Rosellis nodded lightly. “Yeah, hasn’t Master Roseland told you yet?”

“Yes, Mr. Roseland is quite busy. If it’s something that has been decided,
I’m sure he’ll tell us at the Asterium.”

If we really get two or three days off, it will
enough time to go back to normal and fix my chirp.

“And you two are going to get a lot of holiday gifts.”

I tilted my head at Rosellis’ words. “Why?”

“The two of you were immediately brought to the front lines after being sent to
wreckage. Other people also get holiday gifts, but I heard
the two of you are getting more attention because you guys are having additional trouble.”

“Did the guild director say that?”


At Rosellis’ quick reply, Flam and I high five.

“Yay! Vacation!”

Then I will thoroughly study the golem core. If I don’t have
enough research money, I’ll just wear a mask and steal
some illegal illicit funds.

By the way, since Lupine’s mask was found by my youngest brother, I
have to start by creating a new mask. What name should I give
new mask? I will think about it carefully.

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