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Novel Is This Hero For Real Chapter 1

“Oh, chosen heroes! I welcome you all to the world of Fantasia!”

This unforeseen event occurred when the homeroom teacher briefly left the classroom during the end-of-day meeting.

“Gasp! What a beautiful woman…”

“Is this a prank?”

“Amazing! Could this be…?”

“Where is this place?”

Every student in the classroom, including me, was engulfed in confusion.

The smartphone in my pocket became nothing but a brick, and the usual concrete buildings in the area couldn’t be seen at all. There was nothing but clear, blue skies.

And below my feet…

“…Oh my god.”

I was standing on a cloud while ignoring the laws of physics and gravity.

The beautiful woman who called us ‘heroes’ introduced herself with an elegant voice.

“Please relax. I am a goddess who summoned you all here for you to save this world of Fantasia from the great demon king’s ambitions.”

A goddess.

It was an introduction too absurd for an atheist like myself to comprehend.

However, I lacked the evidence to reject her claims.

“We were transferred to another world…”

“This isn’t a joke, right?”

“Look under you. You think this is a joke?”

“Is this development for real…?”

A goddess of perfect features, and the sky, a surreal location.

I could tell from just these two things that this was neither a prank nor a hologram.

Though I didn’t want to admit it, we were summoned from Earth to another world.

“Fantasies really did exist…”

“Is this a parallel world?”

“A real goddess…”

“Ouch! It’s not a dream.”

I wonder if it’s because this situation far exceeded common sense?

Even the people who had never touched fantasy novels or manhwas were observing the situation rather than rejecting reality.

The goddess, after judging that we calmed down enough, gave us a radiant smile.

“You will all be transported to a temple in the continent of Fantasia. A saintess who has received my oracle is waiting for you all there, and will give you all her full support in adapting to the world of Fantasia.”

“Goddess! May I ask you a question?!”

A male student who never stood out aside from group projects raised his hand high and walked to the front.

His name is probably… Oh Hanwoo.

I remembered after seeing his school uniform name tag.

I think this is the first time I’ve seen Oh Hanwoo this assertive.

“Yes, you may ask me anything you’d like.”

The goddess kindly allowed him to ask a question.

“Do levels, skills, status windows, and monsters exist in this world like in a game?”



Oh Hanwoo, after hearing the goddess’s short answer, cheered while clenching his fist.

…What a strange guy.

I’m glad I was never close to him.

“I also have a question!”

Following Oh Hanwoo, a flashy female student with hair dyed blonde that stood out butted in.

“If this is a fantasy world, it’s set in the medieval era like in novels, right? Are there princes and knights as well?”

“There are.”

“Wow! Then this might be fun…”

The one who asked such a pointless question with a voice as cheerful as a young songbird was Jang Miyeon.

She is a beautiful female student aiming to become a singer, and skips school as frequently as she eats. She does whatever she likes without a care for academic grades, but the number of times she has caused trouble in school is very low since she rarely attends. Though I think you’re far from normal if you cause trouble even once in school.

“Oh noble goddess, I also have a question.”

The male student radiating beauty and exceptional atmosphere far beyond the normal Oh Hanwoo raised his hand.

“Please speak.”

I am probably not the only one who felt the goddess’s voice become smoother after discovering an attractive man, compared to when she was talking to Oh Hanwoo.

“Is the most outstanding one among us chosen as the hero?”


“So you’re saying all of us are heroes, regardless of our abilities.”

“Yes. However, that doesn’t mean all of you are granted the same powers. Only after you’re acknowledged by the various gods of Fantasia and received their blessings will you be reborn as a true hero.”

“A god’s acknowledgement and blessing. Thank you for your reply.”

“”Fufu! Can you tell me your name, confident hero?”

“It’s Choi Gangmin.”

“Hero Choi Gangmin. I will look forward to your great performance.”

Choi Gangmin. He’s an all-rounder who truly shows that life is unfair. He’s objectively handsome, good at studying, sports, and games, has a good reputation…

Though he sometimes acts high and mighty, even that sole flaw is overwritten by his warm-heartedness. Though he’s my friend, I rarely have a chance to talk to him since he’s always surrounded by female students.

…Is he my friend?

I at least know he’s not an enemy.

“Oh goddess, may I also ask a question?”

A stiff, feminine voice.

I knew who it was instantly from that tone.

“Of course.”

“Thank you for giving me your precious time. I am the class president, Yu Bora.”

Class President Yu Bora.

Though she was nominated by the homeroom teacher based on her grades instead of a vote, she is a model student that everyone acknowledges. Whenever Jang Miyeon, as flashy as a golden calf, is absent, all the male students’ gazes go to her. Though the person in question isn’t aware of it.

“What is your question, Hero Yu Bora?”

“I understand that this world is in danger, and it is in desperate need of our help. But I’m sure our family and teachers are worried about us because we were summoned without notice. Can we contact them?”

“That will be difficult.”

“Then when can we return?”

“When you defeat the great demon king, the gods who gave you your blessings will directly grant your wishes.”

Class President Yu Bora tried to open her mouth again, but she was pushed aside due to her surroundings becoming loud.

“Me too…!”

“Goddess, me too…!”

“I also have a question…!”

The rest of the students, while riding the momentum, started to ply the goddess with questions. I would have cut their questions off midway if I was in her place, but the goddess answered all our questions with sincerity. Though her answers did become more brief as time passed.

“Are there any more questions?”

The goddess who had become exhausted after the long Q&A session looked around us to confirm.


I, who had only been listening until now, raised my hand.

“Go ahead.”

“This is not a question, but a request. Please send me back to Earth.”

“I believe I explained earlier? Your wish will be granted after defeating the great demon king.”

“I’m hoping to return to Earth because I don’t want to be a hero.”


The goddess, who had not lost her smile up until this point, slightly knit her brows.

I asked to confirm.

“Could it be that it’s impossible to send me back?”

“…Of course, it’s possible. But before that, may I ask you a question?”


“What is your reason for wanting to return to a normal life, after averting your eyes from a world on the verge of collapse?”

“How can someone who worries his family save the world? That’s what I think.”

“…What is your name?”

“It’s Kang Hansoo.”

Kang Hansoo.

It is a name that my parents gave me after careful consideration.

My friends seem like they can’t wait to save a world that they know nothing about, but I can’t afford to worry about others.

How can someone like me who’s scared of a neighborhood thug save the world?

It’s not even funny.

“If there is anyone like him who doesn’t want to become a hero, please tell me now. I will not force you.”



Huh? Really? Just me?

I was a bit shocked to see that there was no-one else who wanted to return to their family on Earth.

And not only that?

There were a few who looked at me with pitying eyes.

“Is this for real…?”

The goddess’s smile, which was briefly disturbed due to me, had recovered.

“Kang Hansoo-ssi? I will ask you, who does not fit in this place meant for heroes, to leave.”

“Oh, okay.”

I was shocked, but I had no complaints.

My friends who would become heroes said their farewells to me.

“Please let my parents know!”

“Mine too…!”

“Hansoo! Mine as well!”

“Please tell Younghee that I’m sorry!”

“I’ll be back soon!”


I, who was wrapped in a mysterious light, left that place while waving my hands at the unfilial children.

From the fantasy world to my home star, Earth!


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