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Viral Marketing is a business strategy that uses social media platforms to promote products or services. In other words, it is a digital marketing strategy that seeks to persuade clients to become brand advocates for existing products/services.

In much the same way that the virus spreads from one person to another, it encourages people to share it with others in order to reach a larger audience and make the ad word of mouth.

Top 15 Viral Marketing Examples

1. Apple #ShotoniPhone Viral Marketing

Do you want to convince people that your product is the best, increase sales and not create your own content? Start a contest your existing customers want to enter, then post your best entries.

Apple’s #ShotoniPhone viral marketing campaign allowed users to showcase the features of the iPhone 12 Pro. Winning works will be displayed on Apple’s Instagram (IG) account, in the gallery of Apple’s website, and on Billboards around the world.

Campaigns that generate user-generated content have several advantages. Your business can earn more revenue by increasing brand and product awareness. You will also have user-generated content for use in social networks and high customer loyalty.

2. Samsung UK IG Game

Samsung UK came out to draw attention to the new product. The company has teamed up with social chains to create an interactive “Choose Your Own Adventure” game on Instagram.

As you progress through the game, make history-changing choices, and you’ll learn about new features available on Samsung’s newest phones.

Although gamification is not new, slot machines are one of the most common examples, but the market is expected to grow to $30.7 billion by 2025, customer loyalty. You can also spread your business with fun, creative, and publishable games.

3. Zoom Virtual Background Challenge

Business search trends have changed during COVID-19, including the exponential growth of the Zoom video conferencing app when video conferencing has become a must for almost everyone during the lockdown period.

Zoom started virtual background competitions in 2020, but has been postponed to 2021. He invited users to share a virtual background he created for use in Zoom calls on social media using the #MeetHappy hashtag.

Answers were fine, and the winners received prizes, including Logitech headphones. Although it was a small viral marketing campaign, its purpose was primarily to promote hashtags, a tactic that can be easily replicated by small businesses.

Zoom now uses the #MeetHappy hashtag in many of its communications to increase brand awareness and announce products and companies.

People who know about the contest will use the tag to follow new posts to see if they’ve won or to check out new contests and get updates on Zoom in the process.

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4. Twitter’s Launch Campaign

Twitter, a microblogging platform, provides a good example of viral marketing. The South by South West (SXSW) conference annually brings together thousands of millennials interested in music, interactive media and film.

SXSW will be held in Austin, Texas. As a startup, Twitter has agreed with the organizers to install large screens around the venue. It was updated with live messages and visitors with Twitter accounts joined the campaign to promote the brand.

This had a huge impact, heralding a new era of social media. Twitter has gained a new reputation and a lot of new followers who want to get involved in new things. So overall, it’s a very successful viral marketing campaign.

5. Spotify Co-marketing with Facebook

Have you ever wondered how Spotify got such a reputation in such a short time? Spotify is a startup that provides audio and multimedia streaming services, founded in Sweden in 2008.

He started as a free service for UK customers in February 2009 and had to stop the free service by September and rely solely on invitations. Then, in 2011, it started joint marketing with Facebook and solidified its position.

Personal playlists can be posted to a user’s Facebook page and at the same time other users can listen to it with one click. As of Q2 2021, Spotify has 165 million premium subscribers worldwide and is available in over 15 countries including UK, US and MENA regions.

This is another great example of how a simple collaboration with social media can help startups go viral and grow users. This is especially true if the service is based on the Freemium model.

6. Hyundai Teams Up With BTS

Attracting a new audience can be tricky. For the best chance of success, you may need to find a known partner, although unlikely to share common goals or interests. This is often referred to as relationship marketing.

However, not everyone has the connections or money to hang out with celebrities, let alone a global phenomenon like the Korean boy group BTS. But the Hyundai does so, so the automaker was able to ride the boy band’s popular tailcoat when it worked with BTS to celebrate World Environment Day.

And it worked. The 60-second video ad went viral and garnered over 105 million views on YouTube (one of the highest in recent viral marketing). BTS fans will now know more about the Hyundai brand and more Hyundai fans can listen to BTS songs. However, both audiences heard the main message: raising awareness about hydrogen energy and its impact on the environment.

7. Fashion Nova Goes Viral on Facebook

Clothing brand Fashion Nova is known for its sexy, barely noticeable style. The company posts pictures of models in baggy clothes on their Facebook business pages, which typically get hundreds of likes and comments.

However, one post in particular caught the attention of Facebook users who participated in the conversation about the displayed fashion. This post has been shared over 80,000 times and has received over 200,000 comments and over 40,000 responses.

Fashion Nova’s post got 6 reposts just an hour ago. Although most of the comments were comical and some were negative, the post went viral, even to people who didn’t know the brand.

This kind of word of mouth drives more visitors to the brand’s social media channels and leads them to a website for people who like what they see.

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8. Bizarre Coffee Posts on TikTok Consistently

To cross viral, a advertising marketing campaign regularly calls for a chunk of experimentation and consistency.

In the beginning, the TikTok movies of espresso and meals published with the aid of using the proprietor of Bizarre Coffee, Sabrina Kaylor of Canton, Georgia, frequently were given a pair hundred perspectives.

As her movies rose in popularity, however, she began out getting lots of perspectives and greater foot visitors to her shop.

In January 2020, Sabrina`s video of a lavender latte were given greater than 6,000 perspectives, however that became not anything as compared to her March 2020 publish of the identical espresso drink—greater than 140,000 perspectives.

The difference? Kaylor reshot the video, changed the text-to-speech voice with a voice-over, and a song change. She introduced photos to the more recent video too.

9. Starbucks UK ‘What’s Your Name?’ Viral Video

People can often find out when a company is on the go, and marketing campaigns can backfire if they think the effort is just for profit. In fact, one of the hardest things marketers do is be authentic.

To do this effectively as a marketer or brand, you need to build consumer trust over time. It is very important to use the story to convey the core values ​​of the company.

Starbucks UK “What’s your name?” Video has done its job with viral marketing success. The video shows a transgender person constantly being called by his name, but no judgment or correction is made at Starbucks.

YouTube videos have over 2.8 million views. This is a significant increase over most channel videos, which typically get thousands of views. The response to the ad was also positive, tweeting what people thought about the video.

10. KFC South Africa Borrows Brand Slogans

In the summer of 2020, the KFC slogan was inappropriately called during the pandemic. Let’s face the facts. Because “you lick your fingers well” is not very hygienic.

So, KFC South Africa’s social media team decided to take a different approach to keeping the name alive with the slogan of another brand. The team tagged borrowed brands, leading to cross-promotion.

Another result? Amid the spread of COVID-19, many fans are joining in their slogan proposal. At least it helped me get KFC’s attention with my followers and start a fun conversation that didn’t feel forced.

11. Unique Pro-vaccination Ad Causes Stir on Social Media

When Charlotte, North Carolina, citizens noticed a virtual billboard on a truck from a funeral home, interest become piqued. Some have been angry, others have been amused, however they have been all snapping pictures and posting them on social media.

The message: “Don`t get vaccinated” all through an endemic brought about pretty the stir. This instance of a exposure stunt become hatched in September 2021 via way of means of marketing and marketing enterprise BooneOakley to inspire human beings to get the COVID-19 vaccine.

The internet site at the facet of the truck pointed to a faux funeral home, however customers who visited the web website online and clicked have been taken to the StarMed Healthcare internet site.

The end result become hundreds of retweets, likes, comments, information stories, and visits to the StarMed Healthcare website.

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12. Pepsi Offers Prizes for User-generated Content

Who doesn’t like free stuff? Contests have always attracted consumers. Pepsi has shown that not only does he know his audience, but he also knows how to spot trends. Because the TikTok challenge is huge, Pepsi created the #That`Ilike hashtag challenge.

As with Zoom and Apple, using hashtags can be a long-term and memorable marketing move (Pepsi continues to use hashtags in other promotions). Pepsi used an influencer to promote the challenge, for example, by hiring Adam W.

to encourage others to post their videos on TikTok. Influencer marketing can be successful or unsuccessful, and if you’re lucky (and the influencer has the right audience for your brand), your ads can go viral.

13. The Travis Scott Meal at McDonald’s

TikTok is an incredibly popular social media platform to enter TikTok contests. In 2020, McDonald’s capitalized on this trend by partnering with rapper Travis Scott to promote Travis Scott’s food.

TikTok users recorded food orders by playing the hit “Sicko Mode” in the drive-thru window. As a result of these public relations efforts and partnerships, many McDonald’s franchises have been unable to keep up with demand.

To solve the (good) problem, McDonald’s made food only available through the app. This has helped fast food restaurants better manage individual store inventory and increase app downloads.

14. Amazon Reposts User-generated Content

One of the best (and most cost-effective) ways to spread word of mouth is to share what your existing audience is saying about your business. Ecommerce giant Amazon has a lot of reviews and social media posts, some of which are very interesting.

Sharing reviews and comments on Instagram and other social networks can drive more traffic to your site and make people like your brand more. It also highlights his intelligence, making one of his fans feel special.

The benefit of having a social media marketing team that engages with followers and even creates memes is that they can take advantage of a short-lived trend quickly.

This allows the brand to reach an audience they may not have reached yet – when fans retweet, comment on or like a tweet – increasing the reach and opportunities for others to discover the brand.

Several brands have become known for their sarcastic humour, quirks, and the ability of their social media managers to exploit meme trends.

MoonPie is a prime example of a brand whose social media team “gets” the quirky side of the internet. You’ll also find a lot of humor and quick wits in the replies to their social media posts.


Okay, friends of Kamuskamis, that’s all we can convey regarding this topic. Hopefully the information we share this time can be useful and beneficial for all of you.Top 15 Viral Marketing Examples

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