When The Count’s Illegitimate Daughter Gets Married Chapter 67

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When The Count’s Illegitimate Daughter Gets Married

“Dirty wench! You stole my necklace!”

“Unless I knew where your necklace was, I wouldn’t have been able to take it.”

As an illegitimate child, Laritte’s biggest sin was being born.

In the year she became an adult, she was sent to marry the ghost duke who was rumored to be dead. Her miserable life seemed to get worse and worse, however…

Her life changed when the duke came back alive.

“Madam, how do you like it?”

Kind servants,

“You have enough luxury to buy some residences in the capital.”

“…no one will be able to look down on you anymore.”

And the empire’s devoted and murderous duke.

It was already too late for those who tormented Laritte to regret it.

When The Count’s Illegitimate Daughter Gets Married New Chapter

Chapter 67

Oscar hugged him before Ian could understand what he said and entered

his carriage.

“You may proceed!” He pleasantly spoke to the coachman and his escort.

Laritte waved her hand at the leaving carriage as it disappeared beyond

the path between the fields.

She stared blankly at the field where she could see butterflies

fluttering their wings before she turned to Ian.

He was standing so still, she wondered what the Crown Prince told him

before he left.

Laritte was so quiet that he couldn’t hear her approach.

“What did His Highness say? A secret between friends?” She looked up at him.

The answer took a long while to come back.

“…..Yes, it’s a…. secret,” he was staring over the horizon as well.

Laritte shrugged when his eyes fluttered strangely.

“If you don’t want to say it, don’t. I also have friends.”

Only then did Ian, who had frozen like a stone statue, look at Laritte.

Jealousy started raging inside him again because of what she said.

He tried his best to press down his jealousy and ask, “Who’s your friend?”

“Hmm, Sir Mason? Lady Redra? And Bertrand……”

“……Oh, yeah.”

Laritte found it strange that Ian took a beat to understand.

But soon, she shrugged it off and went back to the mansion, “hurry up.”

“I’ll follow you soon.”

Yet he found it difficult to catch up with Laritte.

His ears were bright red.

“You indeed like her, so don’t whine anymore and confess your feelings

to your wife,” he kept recalling Oscar’s words again and again.

Since he really likes her……


Ian screamed to himself.

If his skin was fair like Laritte’s, he would’ve been in trouble trying

to hide his condition from her.

All of a sudden, his thoughts went somewhere else.

Indeed, Laritte looked beautiful because of her snowy skin.

‘No. It’s not the time to think about this.’

But he could not get control of his thoughts.

He kept remembering various aspects of his wife the longer he kept pruning.

The heat gradually reached his head, and now his neck was flushed red.

Ian fell to his knees on the ground. He buried his face in his hands so

as to not be caught by the employees around him.

To be honest, he did know about his feelings. He dragged it for a long

time like a fool. It was time for him to admit them.

A faint aroma of flowers swept past his burning head.

From somewhere in the distance, he could hear the faint echo of the

knights in training.

He was taken by an old memory.

Before Selena’s illness grew worse, when the former Ducal couple lived

together in the Duchy.

Selena Reinhardt, his mother, said that the footing of everything was love.

/Betty opens your bedroom every morning because of love, and it’s

because of love that you worry about your mother’s illness. Every

morning the Duke kisses me because of love.

Ian felt uncomfortable when a passerby stroked his chin.


“Does that mean you’ve never done it, honey?”

Selena sighed jokingly as she hugged a much smaller Ian.

“I take back the last one. The Duke doesn’t really love me.”

“No. That’s not it……”

Ian could clearly recall that day.

His father had kissed her in front of Ian, saying it was her fault.

His father always harbored a straight face.

How was Father capable of doing that? Ian thought he wouldn’t be able to

do that to anyone.

But now, he could. For at least one person.

Ian was also in love.

A terribly intertwined love.

“Confess……,” he grabbed his chin.

How would he confess? He wouldn’t be able to do it even if he died.

He remembered the time when Laritte was afraid of revealing her name to him.

He prevented her from being taken away after she was detained at Rose’s


He had stopped the carriage and shouted proudly to her.

Where the hell are you going without your husband!

He showed a great spirit that time.

Was he not shy in the past?

“I can’t confess. I can’t,” Ian calmed down as he stroked his fingers

through his black hair.

For now, just him acknowledging his feelings for Laritte had been a big

improvement in itself.

The exchange meeting to be held in May was arriving very soon.


The Exchange Ceremony was a 10-day event that only invited the higher 30

aristocrats from the Empire of Iassa.

It began with the further distribution of the harvested goods in the

first half of the year into several village units.

As it spread to the capital city, foreign figures were also invited.

Today, a hundred years later, the exchange meeting in May was the second

largest event after the founding anniversary.

“I wish to attend the exchange event someday! It receives special guests.”

A 12-year-old child was taking a walk inside a castle in the capital

with a friend.

She was a young lady who arrived in the capital before the exchange.

At the center of the castle where the party was generally held, only 30

aristocrats, their companies, and foreigners were allowed to participate.

However, other nobles were allowed to enjoy a separate gathering in a

hall near the center.

Envious of the grand meeting, the children continued their stroll around

the castle.

Except for her, the nobles stared at only one place. As did the

officials who were in charge of managing the castle.

Because it was time for the real guests to arrive.

You could get to know a lot from a simple hello from the guests. Such as

if the person is important, their business, etcetera.

Some nobles peered outside their wagons with the utmost curiosity, while

some waited outside the castle.

Everyone was waiting for a carriage to arrive.

“They’re waiting for them, aren’t they?” the young lady whispered to her


It was very obvious.

The family bearing the crest of a lion. They have always been famous in

society, but even more so these days.

The family of the Duke of Reinhardt, who rarely appeared in public.

The young girls were eager to see Laritte, who was known to be very


However, other nobles were curious to see Ian’s attention.

Why has he changed his mind after his absence in the exchange for three

years straight?

Is it because of the Duchess?

Are the Duke and the Duchess still in a good relationship? Wouldn’t the

Duke require a mistress now?

Amid the numerous questions, Ian and Laritte’s carriage appeared in the


Honestly, most of the people here thought that Laritte would be

abandoned by this time. They thought Ian might’ve found the illegitimate

girl interesting in the beginning, but he would soon get tired of her.

The girls chatted as they watched from a higher region.

“Who’s that grandpa?”

“I don’t know. He’s huge.”

Mason opened the door of the carriage for the couple to descend.

The girls didn’t know Mason, but the aristocrats surely did.

The old knight was far more kind to Laritte among the other soldiers.

The way he treated her was embedded in everyone’s minds. In addition,

other members of the Knights of Reinhardt showed the utmost respect and

care towards the Duchess.

‘How did she manage to capture the hearts of the knights?’

Many nobles were judgmental about the situation.

If they weren’t fools, they should take great care while assessing

Laritte now.

Perhaps forever!

The girls regretted their decision because they couldn’t see Laritte’s

face from far above.

“Let’s go down to the first floor, shall we?”


Both of them turned around and ran regardless of anything. When one of

them bumped into a man who was coming around the corner. The man grabbed

her before she could collapse with the impact.

“You have to be careful, human. Keke!”

His laugh was weird.

The man with the lively voice was tall, but his whole body was covered

in a robe.

Just from how he looked, they understood he was not a noble. An old

nobleman, who appeared behind the man, apologized instead.

“Forgive us, young ladies. He can only speak informally because he

hasn’t received proper education in the imperial language.”

This manner of speaking belonged to the kingdom of Mirnoa.

The girl, who almost lost her balance, shook her head.

“It’s okay! I forgive you.”

“Such a kind-hearted lady.”

“Have a great time, see you later!”

The man, who was dressed like a beggar, told the old aristocrat after he

saw the children leave.

“Newborn babies, regardless of race, look so cute!”

“Hush, watch what you say. This is not your kingdom. There’s a limit you

must keep here. And they looked like they were over 10 years old, how

would they be newborn?”

“Newborn or 10 years old, don’t you nag me!”

The old man sighed helplessly.

This man was the fortune-teller named ‘Seta’, who recently gained fame

in the Mirnoan kingdom.

He also recently escaped the crisis following the advice of this


Seta’s request in exchange for the advice was only one.

It was to visit the Grand Exchange of the Empire with him!


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